Panasonic G85 Westfield Field Test | Best Camera for Vlogging?

What better place to put the Lumix G85 through it’s paces than Westfield Carindale - the largest shopping centre in Queensland.

In this vlog we test out the Panasonic’s vlogging capabilities using 4K 30fps continuous autofocus, P Mode.

Stabilization test whilst driving
How it compares to an iPhone and Samsung
Stabilization and focus whilst walking
Stabilization and focus whilst walking aggressively
Stabilization and focus whilst walking backwards
How it handles focus whilst zooming in and out and walking about
How it handles a new reporter style report
How it handles a shopping vlog style vlog

Shops visited
Apple Store - For Computers
Food Court - For Food
Louisa - For jewellery

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Quick reasons why we got the G85
4k video support at 30 fps - not 60 fps like the GH5, but 3 times cheaper than the GH5 and 200g lighter.
Unlimited recording - doesn’t overheat like Sony cameras.
Articulating screen - very useful for framing the shot.
Microphone jack - to be able to use external microphones to get good quality recordings.
Battery life - 4k non-stop recordings go for 1.5 hours on a single charge, unlike Sony cameras who tend to max out at 30 mins.
Image stabilization - not as good as a gimble, but very very good for hand held shots.
Weather sealed - can film in the rain unlike the G7.

G7 is half the price and can do 4k video recording. It just lacks image stabilization, weather sealing and has a slightly narrower kit lens.
Sony a6500 has amazing out of the box autofocus, but note has poor battery lift, overheats and is twice as expensive.
GH5 is a beast that can do 4k 60fps, but note it’s 3 times more expensive and you’ll need a more expensive SD card to record on.
G80 (The European version) limits recording time to 30 minutes per session. G81 and G85 (International versions) don’t limit recording at all.

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