Cairo News is back with the today’s headlines, reporting on Trump’s latest commandments, the truth behind Egypt avoiding the travel ban and some light hearted entertainment and weather news.

Get accurate insights in to the need to know topics, including Beyonce’s big announcement and the amazing weather of the UK.

Exclusive analysis of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s amazing speech that brought the Republican house down at the GOP retreat in the USA.

While mentions of a successful nuclear agreement with Iran and NATO cooperation didn’t quite make the crowd awe, the heralding in of a new era of USA and UK trade cooperation brought the house to a standing ovation.

The Final 2016 US Election Debate with Trump and his whacky LOL inducing moments recorded live in this reaction special.

Big Wavy Hands
You’re a Puppet
An Eating Machine
The Emmy’s Were Rigged
Such a Nasty Woman