Sexpo Australia Vlog | Dance Party HIGHLIGHTS 💃

Finally a chance to be strapped in a cage and play on the fitness pole. You’re welcome. #LoveIsLove


Australian Swimwear Model of the Year:

Biggest Police Boat:

Super Yatch Tour:

Dreamworld Tour:



MATS and Rvmor - Anywhere I Am

beatsbyNeVs - Defection

Wowamusic - Warte Beib

beatsbyNeVs - Dark Forrest

The Green Orbs - Splashing Around

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After the big disappointment of the iPhone 7, we were looking to upgrade our iPhone 6 to a 6s. However, Apple charge £600 for a new iPhone! So we figured we’d give Envirofone a try.

Envirofone offer refurbished phones at three different quality levels.
Like New - Comes with the original box and accessories.
Excellent - No original box, but new headphones, usb and an excellent looking phone with minor if any scratches.
Good - Same as excellent but with maybe some chips.

We went with Excellent and were very happy with what we got. The phone was presented in a clean box with new accessories, the device was in pristine condition with only one very minor scratch at the back which was only noticeable at slight angles.

The best thing about Envirofone in our opinion is that all their phones come with a 1 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. That means if the phone develops an issue over the period they’ll fix it. Or if you don’t like the phone for any reason you can send it back for free!

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They also buy your old/damaged phones, in our case we were quoted £220 for our iPhone 6, which seemed like a good deal as selling the phone on eBay goes around the price, minus the 10% cut they take and the risk of any potential buyer issues. We’ll be including an update once our sale goes through, letting you know how much they actually offer vs the online quote.

So far for my iPhone 6, 64GB
Envirofone ( quoted me: £220
Mobile Phone Exchange ( quoted me: £255
eBay auction sales are ranging between: £190-300

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THANK YOU!!! IT’S FINALLY ARRIVED! The 2016 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, with an i7 3.3GHZ Processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and the love of the best wifey in the world!!!

In this episode of Unboxing the Box, we unbox the hell outta this bad boy. Putting it up against the 2016 12" MacBook, the 2014 MacBook Pro, inspecting the design, the touch bar, how it performs on Xcode, Final Cut and Parallels.

Huge thank you to my beautiful, amazing, smart, sexy, kind-hearted, beautiful, adorable, fantastic, gorgeous, I promise to do the dishes for a whole year WIFE!

Below is a list of things I personally tested with the new MacBook and recommend you getting.

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In this video we take the new 2016 13" MacBook Pro Base Edition out for a spin, letting you know our top thoughts on how it performs from the perspective of a casual user and a Pro video editor/ iOS developer’s perspective.

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Get your USB-A, HDMI and SD card slots back with the best USB-C multi-port hub. Unlike other cheaper versions bought from Amazon, which would have misaligned ports or not connect via HDMI. The one reviewed here is made by AVOTCH and most importantly actually works well on the new MacBook 2016.

Supporting USB-A, HDMI, SD, Micro SD and USB-C for power, it’s the perfect hub for my home space.

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