Coffee with Cats | Australia’s Crazy Cat Cafe Experience 😻☕️

Join us as we mingle with our furry feline friends for coffee and a nerd jam at the Crazy Cat Cafe in Surfers Paradise.

With 17 different cats it was hard to tell who was boss. But one thing is for sure, it definitely wasn’t us. The cats range from 1-3 years of age and were well looked after, most of them were open to being stroked, tickled and cuddled.


It was a great experience for us, the time just flew by. Coffee is around $5 but you also need to pay a session fee - we opted for a 50 minutes which cost $15 each. The cats are super cute although did seem a little tired the time we came, so I’d probably go in earlier next time. The red sofas in the middle were well worn in and a little sticky to sit on, so maybe needed a refresh, but the black ones by the windows were nice. The radio was very loud and had a show at the time called F You Friday, in which Australian’s called in complaining about things they’d like to FAWK… Good old Australia. Overall though, the time flew by and it was a super cute experience.


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