Roller Skating at the Beach | LEARN HOW - Retro Rollerskates Review

It’s time to go OLD SKOOL! Join me as I test run these Retro Roller Skates on the streets of Surfers Paradise.

With 4 wheels and a front brake, these glamorous skates take to you places where your trainers can’t. Not only do you look coo wearing them, but WOW what a workout. After just 20 minutes of skating my legs, booty and calves feel worked out. Of course, don’t forget to put on protective padding because knees grazes were so last year.


X Shot Turbo Advance:

How to Repair Valentino Shoes:

Nerf Retaliator:

Ultimate Toy Car:

Farm Experience:




Protective Padding:



My City - By Turpak:

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The hottest rink is up in London’s Southbank until the 22nd of January, where you can relive your imaginary youth of being the sickest skater in town. It was a fun, friendly, buzzing, happening place full of spins, groovy moves and falls.

Tickets are £12 for 2 hours of skating, with an in-rink DJ and some fun loving peeps. So, if you’re looking for something quirky to do in London, Cairo Loves to BUMP.