OneBlade Pro vs Arab Beard | Wet/Dry Shave Test and Review

The struggle is real, as an olive skinned man shaving my beard has been my weekly nemesis. In this review I take the famed OneBlade against my thick Arab hair to show you if it can really cut it.


Wahl Lithium Ion:

Beard Boss Pro:

Panasonic Body Trimmer:


OneBlade Pro:


Yeah. It’s great. It’s the best shaver I’ve ever owned. The best part about it is the flexible head and the fact that the blades are replaceable. Ok, they do cost quite a bit to replace but, it beats having to buy a new machine everytime it gets blunt. It’s also waterproof and the battery lasts a very long time. I don’t even both charging it between shaves. Very happy with this product. I recommend shaving while in the shower as the hairs just wash away, and in the one time I used it dry, I did nick myself near my Adam’s apple. So be careful near that area if you need to go dry yourself.

One more tip - the Pro edition comes in 2 variations, the one I got was the QP6510 which was much cheaper than the QP6520 one. But, if money is no object or there’s a sale on, I’d go for the other one, as it includes a cool charging stand to put in your man cave.



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