How to Make Pumpkin Pie for Beginners | Halloween Special [2/2]

Hey guys, follow me along as I make a delicious pumpkin pie from scratch. This is the full walkthrough and demonstration showing up all the steps I take, so I really hope you find it useful and get inspired to make one yourself.


Carving and Scooping a Pumpkin:

Chilli Con Carne Empanadas:


300g Pumpkin Flesh | 141 calories

175ml Skimmed Milk | 119 calories

2 Eggs | 156 calories

1 t. Mixed Spice | 40 calories

1 t. Cinnamon | 40 calories

Salt | 0 calories

80g Caster Sugar | 320 calories

25g Butter | 181 calories

Light Shortcrust Pastry | 736 calories

Total | 1733 calories


tbsp = table spoon (the bigger one)

t. = tea spoon (the little one)


The original recipe used 140g of caster suger, to me that was a bit too much, so I reduced it to 80g which gave the pumpkin favour more space to shine through. If you’re tolerant to the aftertaste of sweetener you can try using Stevia instead to further reduce the calories. You can also experiment with cooking the pie without butter and pastry, or just do what I do and avoid eating the crust.

Both these methods combined will this down to less than 1,000 calories. YUM!

Please let me know if you have any questions and how you get along with the guide.


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