Sexpo Australia Vlog | Dance Party HIGHLIGHTS 💃

Finally a chance to be strapped in a cage and play on the fitness pole. You’re welcome. #LoveIsLove


Australian Swimwear Model of the Year:

Biggest Police Boat:

Super Yatch Tour:

Dreamworld Tour:



MATS and Rvmor - Anywhere I Am

beatsbyNeVs - Defection

Wowamusic - Warte Beib

beatsbyNeVs - Dark Forrest

The Green Orbs - Splashing Around

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Today’s khotba was about jealousy and pride. There are two types of jealousy, one where you are happy and inspired for someone and one where you are spiteful and degrading. The same with pride, one which makes you loving, caring, protecting and the other which makes you ignorant. Needless to say we should love the first kind of jealousy and pride and strive against the second.