HOW MUCH MONEY I Made From Recycling Bottles and Cans in AUSTRALIA?

Want to make quick money? Join us as we make $$ from recycling our bottles, cans and plastics at our local recycling plant.

We collected our bottles for 2 weeks and decided to head down to the local recycling plant to see how much money we could make.

Getting to the conveyor belt is simple and accessible by car. There are friendly people on site to help navigate through the machines. Once you bring your bottles over there is a dedicated conveyor for bottles and plastics and the items are then teleported into another world, compressed and ready for recycling.

We ended up making $4.40 from the process which was not bad considering we would have thrown them away, but it felt great knowing we had contributed to the environment.

Hope you have found this video useful and encouraged you to do the same.



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