Cryptocurrency Mining 101 | How Much You Can Make at Home?

Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Altcoin, Ethereum? In this report we fill you in on what mining is, what are pools, how much you can make at home, which apps can you use to get into it and much more.


Mining Tutorial:








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Xbox Controllers for Mac & Windows | Setup & Review

In this video we’ll be giving you a review and setup guide for connecting the wireless bluetooth Xbox One S controllers to a Mac or Windows setup. We personally tested connecting two controllers on to a 2016 edition MacBook Pro with Touchbar in MacOS Sierra and Windows 10 (through bootcamp).

MacOS drivers available here:
MacOS drivers do not support wireless, a mini USB cable must be connected for use. However, wireless bluetooth works fine using bootcamp on Macs.

Windows 10 Anniverary update is required for bluetooth wireless, a wired connection is required for updating the firmware.

In testing on a 2016 13" MacBook Pro with TouchBar, the range of the bluetooth using two controllers was around 2 meters. Anything over that led to laggy controls and random disconnections.

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Parallels 9 vs 11 vs 12! In this episode we find out if Parallels 12 can run on a 12" Macbook, and in a series of tests to see how it benchmarks against previous versions.

The test machines used were
- 2016 12" MacBook i7 running El Captain
- 2014 15" Macbook Pro i5 running Yosemite

Tests performed were
- Launching Parallels
- Starting Windows 8
- Opening Internet Explorer
- Opening Microsoft Word 2013
- Opening 3D Studio Max 2016
- Suspending
- Resuming
- Shutting Down

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In this episode we walk you through installing and setting up Sophos Home, a free home security app for your Mac to protect you from viruses, malware, trojans and worms.