MacBook Pro 2019 مراجعة عن ماكبوك برو [ARABIC REVIEW]

. معاينة \ مراجعة عن ماكبوك برو2019 مع التتش بار الجديد

أتكلم في هذه المعاينة عن تصميم الجهاز وأهم المواصفات بالإضافة إلى أداء الجهاز في الإستخدام. في النهاية أستعرض محتويات الصندوق


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How to Fix Stuck Keys on MacBook Pro 2016 Keyboard

Ever had one of the keys in the new MacBook or MacBook Pro become sticky or stuck pressed down, or even stop working? In this quick guide we show you how you can easily fix it yourself without having to shell out for a repair or perform any hardware surgery.

Has this issue happened to you? Let us know in the comments below. We’ve experienced it twice in the last 6 months.

THANK YOU!!! IT’S FINALLY ARRIVED! The 2016 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, with an i7 3.3GHZ Processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and the love of the best wifey in the world!!!

In this episode of Unboxing the Box, we unbox the hell outta this bad boy. Putting it up against the 2016 12" MacBook, the 2014 MacBook Pro, inspecting the design, the touch bar, how it performs on Xcode, Final Cut and Parallels.

Huge thank you to my beautiful, amazing, smart, sexy, kind-hearted, beautiful, adorable, fantastic, gorgeous, I promise to do the dishes for a whole year WIFE!

Below is a list of things I personally tested with the new MacBook and recommend you getting.

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MacBook Pro Protective Soft Sleeve:
USB-C to USB-A Mini Adapter:
1byone USB C Multiport:
AVOTCH USB-C Multi-port:
Benfei USB-C Multi-port:

Parallels 9 vs 11 vs 12! In this episode we find out if Parallels 12 can run on a 12" Macbook, and in a series of tests to see how it benchmarks against previous versions.

The test machines used were
- 2016 12" MacBook i7 running El Captain
- 2014 15" Macbook Pro i5 running Yosemite

Tests performed were
- Launching Parallels
- Starting Windows 8
- Opening Internet Explorer
- Opening Microsoft Word 2013
- Opening 3D Studio Max 2016
- Suspending
- Resuming
- Shutting Down

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