The iPhone X Experience… WHY WE RETURNED IT

OMG THE IPHONE X is AMAZ… NO… you’re now my EX! Find out why in this review where we take the iPhone X out and compare it to the best iPhone ever made.. the iPhone 6s.


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The iPhone 7 Experience:

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Just like the iPhone 7, we tried to love it, we really did but.

The box is smelly. The bezels are HUGE now 4.2mm up from 3mm of the iPhone 6s!

With Touch ID you could have more than one finger print to unlock the phone - eg. share it with your partner, with Face ID, you just have one face, and if that doesn’t work you need to wait over 2 seconds each time to be prompted for the pin.

Animoji is FUN AF! But, isn’t it just Talking Tom with all the in-app purchases unlocked?

The screen is weird.

The back camera is EXACTLY THE SAME AS the one in the iPhone 6s. 4k 60fps is buggy. The front face camera has improved but still suffers from stabilisation issues.

It’s faster.. but you won’t notice a difference if you’ve got at least an iPhone 6s.

You really need to have it wrapped up in a heavy duty case, because it’s flimsy AF.

After all that hype having to stay up to midnight for the pre-order sale, it was a big disappointment. But, at least we get our AUD$2128 back!

Did you keep yours?


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Panasonic G85:

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iPhone X vs 6s vs Samsung S7 vs Mirrorless G85 | Camera Showdown

CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE?… Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE camera showdown, comparing the super-camera of the iPhone X against its older brother the 6s, its rival the Samsung S7 and the best value professional camera the Panasonic G85 to help you decide on if it’s really worth the huge price hike.


All videos were shot at their camera’s highest settings.

The audio on the iPhone X and iPhone 6s was boosted in post.


iPhone X

Back Camera - 4k 60fs

Front Camera - 1080p 30 fps

HEVC encoding - resulting in around half the size of traditional mp4

iPhone 6s

Back Camera - 4k 30fps

Front Camera - 720p 30fps

Cheap as chips

Samsung S7

Back Camera - 4k 30fps

Front Camera - 1440p 30fps

Excellent quality, but poor colour profile

Panasonic G85

Using wide angle adapter and Ride VideoMicro for audio

Excellent quality

Weighs half a kilo!


The quality of the iPhone X was very good, both the front and back camera has improved over the iPhone 6s, and the wider angle on the front camera is a must. That being said, I couldn’t really tell the difference between the front cameras in good lighting. Also, what surprised me the most is that even though the camera now features image stabilisation, the iPhone X and 6s were both very shaky when compared to the Samsung and Panasonic.


iPhone 7 Experience:

iPhone 6s Envirofone:

Panasonic G85 Field Test:

Wide Angle Lens for G85:


iPhone X:

Samsung S7:

iPhone 6S:

Panasonic G85:

Rode VideoMicro:


After the big disappointment of the iPhone 7, we were looking to upgrade our iPhone 6 to a 6s. However, Apple charge £600 for a new iPhone! So we figured we’d give Envirofone a try.

Envirofone offer refurbished phones at three different quality levels.
Like New - Comes with the original box and accessories.
Excellent - No original box, but new headphones, usb and an excellent looking phone with minor if any scratches.
Good - Same as excellent but with maybe some chips.

We went with Excellent and were very happy with what we got. The phone was presented in a clean box with new accessories, the device was in pristine condition with only one very minor scratch at the back which was only noticeable at slight angles.

The best thing about Envirofone in our opinion is that all their phones come with a 1 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. That means if the phone develops an issue over the period they’ll fix it. Or if you don’t like the phone for any reason you can send it back for free!

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Envirofone Shop:

They also buy your old/damaged phones, in our case we were quoted £220 for our iPhone 6, which seemed like a good deal as selling the phone on eBay goes around the price, minus the 10% cut they take and the risk of any potential buyer issues. We’ll be including an update once our sale goes through, letting you know how much they actually offer vs the online quote.

So far for my iPhone 6, 64GB
Envirofone ( quoted me: £220
Mobile Phone Exchange ( quoted me: £255
eBay auction sales are ranging between: £190-300

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