Capsulier Lite | Save the Environment with Reusable Nespresso Pods ☕️

Is your Nespresso coffee machine burning a hole in your pocket just like mine? Want to blend your own coffee or do your thing for the environment whilst saving a load of money?

Well now you can with the Capsulier Lite.

With a durable stainless steel capsule and a coffee scooper inside the box, you can easily blend your own coffee to taste and pop it through the machine to give you a capsule ready to use on your Nespresso machine.

Join us as we take a look inside the machine, from how it works, its ease of use and, of course, if it tastes just as great.


- Nespresso machine compatible

- Environmentally friendly

- Decide on the coffee blends yourself

- Save Money +++

- Slim Design

- Easy to use


- 1 pod only in the box

- Can be a little fiddly to open the capsule


Worth it. So far I’ve saved a lot of money by investing in a large packet of ground coffee instead of buying pre-filled capsules. I love the ability to be able to make my own blend to taste.


Capsulier Lite:

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