Sexpo Australia Vlog | Dance Party HIGHLIGHTS 💃

Finally a chance to be strapped in a cage and play on the fitness pole. You’re welcome. #LoveIsLove


Australian Swimwear Model of the Year:

Biggest Police Boat:

Super Yatch Tour:

Dreamworld Tour:



MATS and Rvmor - Anywhere I Am

beatsbyNeVs - Defection

Wowamusic - Warte Beib

beatsbyNeVs - Dark Forrest

The Green Orbs - Splashing Around

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Brisbane has the BEST Post Office in the World!

Does your Post Office have iMacs?… Well this one does! So prepare yourself to to be wrapped up and posted away in this exclusive tour of Brisbane’s Best Post Office in the WORLD!


+ Friendly staff

+ iMacs

+ Spacious

+ Automated Check Out Machines

+ Sellotape

+ A Technology section

+ Don’t get me started on 24/7 Parcel Lockers

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Metricon Bordeaux | $2 Million Dream House In Australia

ZOMG! #DREAMHOUSE Prepare yourself for the life of luxury and join us on our exclusive tour of Metricon’s finest signature home.

The Bordeaux facade, inspired by the classical architecture and romantic chateaux of France’s largest wine growing area, Bordeaux has the elegance of a contemporary classic. With its mansard roof, Juliet balconets and iron lacework, it features the finest design and craftsmanship. The imposing entrance with bevelled glass double doors opens to a grand lobby and spacious rooms enhanced by lofty ceilings. Bordeaux features a stunning parents’ retreat with study, living area and huge walk-in robe..

Ok, time to start a savings account…

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Ready to fall in love:

Bonus: The best thing about visiting a Metricon show home is that they give you free VR Google Cardboard Headset.