Dyson V11 Absolute - REVIEW | Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2019

Join me as I upgrade my Dyson V6 to the powerful V11 Absolute testing out the sound, suction and charge time.

I chose to go for the Dyson Absolute rather than the Torque as I have more carpets than hard flooring. The Torque only comes with one main head which is better for hard floors. Whereas the Absolute has 2 main heads, one for carpets and the other for hard floors.


- Set up was simple and inside the box you do get a generous number of attachments. At the time of writing, Dyson also had an offer for an extra cleaning pack which contains an extension, a curved piece for over the top of cupboards and a mattress cleaner - this I am looking forward to.

- The V11 has a nice LCD display which has 3 power functions, eco, auto (detects the suction itself according to the surface) and boost. Eco is more powerful than my V6 on max, which was a pleasant surprise. Running this option you can get around 40-50 minutes depending on your carpet pile. Rather disappointingly, for me, the Auto mode only lasted around 20 minutes as I have a medium pile carpet. So this meant if I wanted to do a “deep clean” I’d have to run around very quickly. The boost is literally only 8-10 minutes so it’s used mostly for those hard to clean crumbs.

- The sound of the V11 compared to the V6 is MUCH nicer. It has less of a high pitch making it a lot easier to the ear.

- Another great feature that the V11 has is the HEPA filter. This ensures that clean filtered air is pushed out to the environment, so you don’t get that dusty smell as you may with other vacuums.

- Let’s just get onto the suction. This did not disappoint. I was shocked to see how much dust had been picked up despite only doing a zip around with the V6 3 days prior. It’s so refreshing to see the dust in the barrel. Dyson have also improved the disposal mechanism so you no longer have to get your hands dusty when emptying the bin.


- Boost mode is only 10 minutes.

- Auto Mode may only be up to 20 minutes depending on the carpet.

- One thing to note is that the device is heavier than the V6, this certainly takes getting used to but on the whole, it was manageable.

- Charge time is up to 4 hours for a full battery. I can usually get two cycles before having to charge up. However, for a larger place you may only be able to get one cycle.


4.5/5 stars

Do I recommend? Well If you’re looking to upgrade from one of Dyson’s early generation models I would say definitely. For me there is a night and day difference. I’m so happy with the suction and sound of this device. The only down side is the long charge time but hopefully this will be rectified in due course.


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