Wahl 18K Gold Trimmer vs Thick African Beard | Before and After TRANSFORMATION

Beard gotten too thick and can’t find a trimmer to handle the beast? In today’s special we take a look at Wahl’s 100th Anniversary Limited Edition golden trimmer to show you if it can handle the heat.


One Blade Pro: https://youtu.be/aJ0XTwP2Cq8

Wahl Hair Clippers: https://youtu.be/kTOnhKosYcQ

Wahl Lithium Ion: https://youtu.be/-5-yWNYcY3w

Panasonic Body Trimmer: https://youtu.be/PWqRsEk1AQg


Wahl Beard Trimmer: https://vtudio.com/a/?a=wahl+beard+trimmer+gold


It’s stronger than my previous beard trimmer, the oneblade pro. But, a lot more expensive, though in time it might work out cheaper as you don’t need to buy replaceable blades. So overall, two thumbs up, but one notable thumbs down is the stand, while it looks nice, IT IS USELESS, as it’s not integrated with the charger.



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Remington Beard Boss Pro | Best Beard Trimmer?

Get to find out how close of a trim the Remington Beard Boss Pro can deliver in this review and demonstration video. Also featuring the use of Shaver Shop’s Trimmer Guard.


Tame your face with the Beardsman. It’s the Remington® Beard Boss™ Full Beard Grooming Kit, and it’s got the cutting performance and battery power you need for a perfect trim time and time again. The powerhouse lithium battery gives you 120 minutes of cordless runtime, with more power and more torque than standard NiMH rechargeable systems. It drives the precision-cut blades and detail trimmer to make quick work of your glorious, bearded face. The XL grooming comb keeps your full beard at a dignified length, and the other length-adjusting combs help create the signature look you want.


+ It trims the beard without cuts when used correctly

+ Waterproof

+ 2 hour charge

+ Comes with nose/ear trimmer, scissors and a brush


- It doesn’t deliver a close shave

- Please do not use this for sensitive areas

- Doesn’t come with a stand

- Hair gets all over the place




Remington Beard Boss Pro: http://amzn.to/2yKIutK


Samsung S7: http://amzn.to/2xJy2yD

SanDisk Ultra 200GB for S7: http://amzn.to/2iqsXrO

Rode VideoMic Me: http://amzn.to/2wEunV0

More: http://bit.ly/vtudiotools

Wahl Lithium Blitz 3-in-1 Beard Trimmer Review

In this review we try out the Wahl Blitz 3-in-1 Beard Trimmer on a real-life stubborn beard, testing out the trimming blade, the detailer blade and the shaver blade to see various styles and techniques to see how good the Wahl truely is.

- With the beard trimmer, while shaving downwards felt more aggressive than shaving upwards, shaving downwards left the skin less sore.
- The shaver blade is ace, got the face side silky smooth for 2 days.
There’s no built in hair management system, so hair gets all over the place.
- The stand only fits the shaver and one blade, so you’ll have to keep the other blades floating around.
- The stand has no power integration point, so charging the unit on the stand is awkward.
- The power adapter is country specific, bizzarly this unit doesn’t use a universal socket.
- The power button is easy to accidently press whilst shaving.
- The unit cannot be used whilst charging.
- There is no nose trimming attachment, unlike the box suggests.
- The difference between the detailer shaver and the beard trimmer is vast, would be useful to get an inbetween blade.
- Expensive

- Beautifully built unit.
- Holds a long charge time of 240 minutes.
- Comes with various attachments.
- Loved the shaver attachment.
- 1 minute charge gets you 3 minutes use.
- Night and day difference between my previous Braun Series 3.

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