IT’S SO BIG 😜 | Sony X85/X8500 75inch 4K Android TV Review & Unboxing

WHY DON’T TVs come with the stand build in already? This Sony Bravia 75 inch monster of a TV is stunning but man o man was it a challenge to unbox! In this video we take the box apart and show you how difficult it actually is to setup a TV this big.

Model: Sony X8500D


+ Stunning Picture Quality

+ Stunning Design

+ Very Small Stand with Cable Management

+ Good Sound

+ Built in Chromecast


- Android is SLOW and BUGGY

- …Seriously changing the volume is choppy, it jumps from 5 to 13 to 35

- It’s thin but that comes at a cost, as it’s very flimsy.. our TV developed a crack from the slightest bump

- Repair costs of the crack was as Sony customer support put it “it’s cheaper to buy a new TV”




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