Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Vlog | Super Yachts, Jetskis & Cruisers 💃🛥️

All aboard ⛴ Join us as we take a look at how the multi-multi-millionaries of the Australia live. We’re talking about private jets, super yachts, and paddle boats. It’s the once in a year event at Sanctuary Cove.

What do you think, which one would you buy?


$5 Million Super Yacht:

Police Boat:

Italian Boat Ride:

$2 Million Dream House:


Sony A7III:



Wowamusic - viosin

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Extreme Stunt Plane Flying Crazy Over Gold Coast | Surfers Paradise

Experience the thrill of almost crashing into the beautiful Gold Coast skyline, in a once in a decade crazy stunt ride over Surfers Paradise.

Filmed on 28th October 2019


Roller Skating:

X Shot Turbo Advance:

Nerf Retaliator:

Ultimate Toy Car:

Farm Experience:




Protective Padding:



Ethan Meixsell - Run

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Keep Away From Me - 1.5 Meters (6ft) | DJ CAIRO [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


Since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick, it is important to stay at least 6 feet away from others when possible, even if you—or they—do not have any symptoms.


Paradise Country Farm:

Nerf Gun:

Ultimate Toy Car:


N95 Mask:

P2 Mask:


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Heavy Rain | Full Game Playthrough with Best Ending First Time 👌

One of the best games we’ve ever played. If you’re looking for a storyline, thriller, action, Quantic Dream smashed it with this classic.

Grab a cup of tea and follow along as we play the game for the first time…


Heavy Rain:

Epic Gamer Tag: Headsoftech

MacBook Pro:


Tomb Raider:

Rise of the Tomb Raider:

MBP Gaming:


0:00 Introduction

1:10 New Game

23:41 Climax

46:40 First Blackout

1:30:30 Second Blackout

1:55:27 Meeting the Ex

2:06:31 Home Alone

2:53:45 Bad Driving

3:45:39 Power Plant

4:22:40 Chop It

5:13:20 Don’t Drink

5:55:18 Clubbing

7:05:04 Last Clue

7:19:50 Why

7:36:31 Ending


2019 15" MacBook Pro



Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream

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Sunbeam Barista Max - Espresso Coffee Machine & Bean Grinder | REVIEW and User Guide

After spending a small fortune every month on coffee pods, I was excited to see how well the Sunbeam Barista Max performed at producing coffee from beans and replacing my old machine.




0:00 Intro

1:46 Unboxing

9:01 How to Use

14:10 Taste Test

15:41 Conclusion


Nespresso Lattisima Touch:

Luxury Handbag:

Luxury Dream House:

Millionare’s Shopping Tour:


From the outset, it is a large device which gives you a feeling of being a barista. I’ve always wanted to try this sort of machine especially after seeing it done so many times for me in coffee shops.

The setup, I found was intuitive and straight forward. You can choose between using a one cup filter for the coffee or a two cup filter (I always use the two cup option). There is a neat little storage space under the tray for the remaining accessories which I find, is very handy.

The grinder sits nicely at the top of the machine and the ability to see the beans is an added plus to the overall aesthetic. There are 30 different grinding options, from coarse to fine allowing you to have a different length of extraction. This alone, has taught me a lesson in coffee that I wished I had known earlier.

Then there’s the ‘group handle’ the part that holds the coffee. Once again I felt very 'professional’ using this and was excited to see it in action. To grind the coffee beans you simply push the group handle downwards below the grinder and the sweet smell of aromatic coffee fills the vicinity. The machine comes with a tamper to push the coffee down. The pressure of this takes some getting used too, too hard and the extraction is slower making the coffee taste bitter, just right and the coffee tastes amazing.

Putting the group holder into place for extraction, at first is a little hard, there is a warning of this in the manual and it does get easier with continued use. Press the On/Off button, select one or two coffee cups and watch the beautiful coffee percolate through to your cup. For added satisfaction, use a clear glass.

You can choose to have an espresso or if you fancy, go one step further and be a full on barista and use the steam milk function. I have always wanted to do this and I was so excited that the machine comes with a stainless steel pot to use, because in other brands, this is sold separately. Put enough milk in the container (don’t fill it up all the way) and heat up the steamer (wait till the light stops flashing). Then place the nozzle towards the top of the milk going in a rotatory motion. Hold it with the handle (as it gets hot) and watch the milk froth up as much as you like. I tap the bottom of the container on a hard surface to get rid of the large bubbles and then pour it into my cup. The temperature of the milk can be modified with the amount of steam you put into the container. I enjoy my coffee hot so I hold the steamer in for longer, but you can adjust according to your needs.

After the first time I used this machine, I felt like a barista and couldn’t stop making coffees, it was fun and they tasted amazing. I still haven’t mastered how to create shapes in the milk, but with practice comes perfection. I can see this machine as being a great device for those that want to tap into the barista market or who enjoy the feeling of making their own coffee from scratch. I have certainly converted from my pod machine, let alone the amount of money saved by buying a big bag of coffee beans that lasts much longer than the pods.



Josh Lippi & The Overtimers - Trieste

beatsbyNeVs - Defection:

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