From London to Positano | Travel Vlog through the Amalfi Coast, Italy

London ✈️  Naples 🛥️ Sorrento 🚌  Positano

We recently journeyed to the Amalfi Coast to get married. In this video we document our getting from London to Positano. Which means travelling by plane, bus, ferry, bus, bus, and walking for over half an hour…

The journey we took cost us around 20 Euros, rather than 150 Euros for a taxi and while it did take a long time to get there, it had amazing stops and views. Hopefully this video will help fellow travellers looking to save on the direct Taxi journey and enjoy a less hectic ride on a ferry rather than cramming it on a bus.

Day 4 | Ravello:

Snatched (2017) NON-SPOILER Review

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Premier of Snatched starring Goldie Hawn (from Wildcats) and Amy Schumer (from Trainwreck), and we absolutely loved it!

Initially we had low expectations, but the movie slowly sucked us in with its awesome don’t take itself too serious sense of humor, memorable characters and memorable moments!

Be sure to give this one a spin: 4/5!

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Travel Vlog | Ravello, Amalfi Coast | Villa Rufolo | Villa Cimbrone

We recently journeyed to the Amalfi Coast to get married. In this video we document our travel through arguably the most romantic part of Italy, the small town of Ravello. Where we explored amazing views and TripAdvisor’s #1 Villa Cimbrone and #2 Villa Rufolo places to see.

For more updates follow our adventures below: