Selling your phone to Envirofone

They quoted me £220 for an iPhone 6 64GB, about a week later an envelope arrived with a postage paid return label with up to £100 insurance. I placed my phone inside the very novel cardboard wrap they provided and handed it over to the post office. About a week later, I received an email offering me a reduced £180 offer. I emailed them back asking why it wasn’t the full £220? They emailed back saying it was a technical mistake and they’d be sending me the full £220 by the end of the day.

Overall Sales Experience: 5/5, I had an unlucky experience of being given a faulty quote, but I was actually delighted when they emailed back honouring their original quote. Very good deal in my opinion especially considering that they don’t ask for the original box or accessories, just the phone itself.


IT’S HERE!!! We were lucky enough to pre-order the Mavic on release and finally after month’s of waiting, it’s here. In this unboxing the box, we show you how it stacks up against the DJI Phantom 4, and most importantly how to make money on being one of the first people to get the new drone.

FYI, if you pre-order the Mavic today at Apple, the estimated shipping times are April 2017!
Some sellers on Amazon are even charging up to £8,599 for it!

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