How to Make Your Own GLUTEN FREE Gift Hamper | DIY GIFT IDEAS

In this episode of Cairoloves we delve into the world of arts and craft and show you how to easily make your own professional looking gift hamper which you can fill up with various products to give that extra personalised magic to gift giving.


1 - Buy stuff including a basket

2 - Wrap tissue paper around the basket

3 - Put stuff into basket

4 - Get hubby to buy you flowers

5 - Throw away flowers and use plastic wrapping around the basket

6 - Tie ribbon around the top of the wrapping



Pound Land

99p Store





Kevin MacLeod - Life of Riley

Is his birthday coming up? Our stylish subscribers Muna and Sameer gave us an ace birthday gift. In this video we unbox it live together, without hopefully causing too much of a smell…

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