REAL Egyptians play Assassin’s Creed Origins | #TLDR IT SUCKS!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Egyptian’s guide to Pharaoh land Assassin’s Creed, where we take you through Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and the best places to check out.


Assassin’s Creed Origins received positive reviews from critics, who praised the story, characters, voice acting, reworked gameplay-systems, immersive world of Egypt and the visuals…


Don’t waste your money. It sucks.


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How to stream Live Arabic TV for FREE on Kodi

This video is an educational walk through on how to setup Kodi with IPTV live streaming Arabic TV channels.

In this video we show you the correct version of Kodi to install, how to set it up for IPTV streaming, where to get Arabic TV channels, how to set it up with those channels, and how to watch :D

Please note that use of this service is at your own risk and we do not accept any responsibility for your usage.

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