HIGH SCHOOL PROM in Australia | #Schoolies Formal 2017

SHE SAID YES! Now join us as we take over chauffeur duties to whisk away a sweet eighteen year old princess to her magical high school prom.

Nora’s workmate and bff Nurse Tammy was in desperate need for a driver to shuttle her beautiful daughter to her prom, so team Cairo stepped up to the plate. It was our first pro experience and man o man was it wild! Australian kids put in effort into their prom, they dress up, they hire fancy cars and treat it like the opening of a film festival! Ah, to be young, awkward and in love.


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MATS and Rvmor - Anywhere I Am: https://youtu.be/HNRhneKdqHs

Silent Partner - Above and Beyond

Doug Maxwell - Pink Flamenco

Pokki DJ - Restart: https://youtu.be/3riYiroTjfw

Hubba & Amanu - Moso (Radio Edit): https://youtu.be/QQxNUgFnQow

Jingle Punks - Moombahton Buildup

Problems of the Marriage - Pilot | Learn Arabic Sitcom [English Subtitles]

Ash and Nora go to Australia Fair for their annual clothes shopping haul. But soon they discover that their tastes in clothes are rather distant…

Join us for our pilot episode of Problems of the Marriage, a hit Arabic TV sitcom which uses common arabic words in a fun format to hopefully help you learn Arabic the fun way.


Nora & Ash Cairo


Ash Cairo & Nora


Doug Maxwell - Swinging with the Sultan

FILM BY VTUDIO | https://vtudio.com