Bill Burr on Mo Salah, Jürgen Klopp and the Champions League

After watching Mo Salah Bill Burr becomes a Liverpool fan.

Watch the full podcast here:

The Dark Side of Hosting the Commonwealth Games | GC2018 Review

The $2 billion marquee event has come and gone for the Gold Coast. With over 600,000 people expected to head into the city, half the roads closed and designated for official use only, the city was expected to grind to a touristic meltdown… In this video we take you through the local’s experience of the games.


Submotion Culture Club - Fractals:

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A Comedy Tour of Positano #TooRomantic

Positano is a romantic seaside town in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Famous for endless steps and houses built alongside a mountain, and its seaside docks.

Join us for our one in a lifetime tour through the bustling steps of Positano, as we fill you in on its best and most challenging amenities.



Future Magic X Wicka - Yeah:

Kevin MacLeod - Bushwick Tarentella Loop

Cairo Interviews | Moss [from IT Crowd] on How to Fix Australia’s NBN

Exclusive interview with Richard Ayoada aka Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd on how to fix Australia’s big NBN problem.

Ash Cairo as always is there to ask the hard hitting questions.

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”


Streetfighter Dubstep

MATS and Rvmor - Anywhere I Am: