Drunk in loveeeeeee, we be all night, lovveeeeeee, loooovvveeeee… This is our diary of that time we spent too much money on front row seats to see Beyonce live in Wembley stadium.

Alhamdullah on this blessed day she did sing some of her old tracks. So we sang, we danced, the crowd around us didn’t, our section was a bit too conservative, but it was still hella fun!

Songs of the night were Survivor, Drunk in Love, 1+1, Halo, Running, Diva, Flawless, Naughty Girl, Formation - heard that one from the outside as we were late.

We also got to meet 4th Impact outside who were live streaming from the golden circle.

Our view in Wembley were from block 228, row 1, seats 32/33. Wembley’s layout is such a shame, seated seats - the most expensive ones, were too far away from the action, Beyonce looked like a little dot, and anything closer meant you had to stand - which means you can’t see anything… *ROLLEYES* GRR!


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#caironews Exclusive! Beyonce spotted in ambulance van trying to escape the Wembley traffic after concert.