We called up all the dealers to find a 2017 build of the new Mustang, and one of them had it in stock. This is our experience, rocking up to Q Ford and buying the car.

Q Ford were great accommodating our crazy hyper excitement and lent us a loaner car while our car was being prepared. When we picked up the car they also spent a few hours with us (notice how the day turns to night), and gave us some free mugs and collectables. So a big thank you to Avi, Keely, Andrea and the team over there!

The car we went with was a 2017 build Mustang EcoBoost, in our previous video we tested out a Ranger, GT and convertible:

The reason why we went with an EcoBoost
- 310 horsepower
- Previously owned a V8 which had awful MPG
- IMO the 5.0 and GT stamps on the V8 edition look tacky compared to the iconic Mustang horse

Note: Make sure you get a 2017 build car as some cars on sale might have been certified in 2017, but made in 2016, so if a dealer is trying to sell you a 2016 build just know that its valued as a 1 year old car in the market, and you should try to haggle the price down a few thousand.


We booked a test drive for the new 2017 Ford Mustang and Ranger XLT at the Gold Coast’s Sunshine Ford in Southport, and OMG! It was amazing! There were Mustangs everywhere, James an ace salesman there took us around and it was heaven.

First was the Ranger, which is a beast of a car, it’s big, it’s bad, it’s a king on the road, you feel like running over everything in your way… Don’t do it though.

Next was the girls version of the Mustang, yes that 2.3L with 310BHP… (300BHP was the max on a V8 a few years ago, so daymnnn).

You have to come here and try them out yourself, seriously, but note, it’s a $1000 excess.

The Australian version of these cars are amazing by the way, they have rear parking cameras, a computer like Siri, amazing lights… just watch our next Mustang video.

Book your Test Drive today!

It’s schoolies week and year 12 leavers are flooding Surfer’s Paradise for the week long schoolies event. In this video we catch up with some of the local residents and youngsters on their point of view, and show you the effects of the Queensland councils decision to fence up the beaches.

Our first football match <3

Arsenal Vs Reading 2-0 Emirates Stadium

Our first football match together was to see Arsenal (big fans) Vs Reading (not so big fans!), down at the Emirates Stadium in London!

We met after work and made our way by tube to Arsenal Underground station. I didn’t actually realise there was a stop called this in London! But it makes sense seeing as there is a massive stadium there home to the football club.


The were about 60,000 people all on their way to the match so you can imagine what the streets looked like! There was a lot of friendly rivalry between fans along the way, teasing each other, which made a pleasant change as you always hear about ‘Hooliganism’ surrounding matches. 


So we made it into the stadium after a very brief bag search only to find that our original allocated entrance was home to the away team and we were promptly sent away to the other side of the stadium!! 

We eventually made it round, but by this time kick-off had started and we could hear the crowds cheering in the stadium with the stragglers outside going through another round of security and bag checks. 

But we finally found our seats and they were perfect!! We sat in the upper tier in the front row and were surrounded by friendly fans who cheered with us.


The game went on and it was great, 90minutes and Arsenal scored 2 goals, one for each half. Oxlade-Chamberlain was the man of the match scoring both goals. 

The unity in the fans was inspiring, there must have been about 50,000 Arsenal supporters cheering enthusiastically for their team. It was a jovial atmosphere and we all left with big smiles on our face. Even the Reading supporters were happy despite loosing! 

Perhaps the media portrays football matches in a negative connotation but our feeling was that everyone was unified and came to enjoy a good match of football. 

Check out our little video below for our highlights and coverage!!