BlackVue DR750s Upgrade (from DR650s) & Best Settings Guide

In this guide we replace our stolen DR650s with the all new 60fps DR750s dashcam, letting you know if its worth the upgrade, and how to do it yourself.


DR750s-2CH & PowerMagic Pro:


One big cravat before you buy. If you want to record at 1080/60p - and you probably do, recording clip lengths is now limited to 1 minute. Also, the DR900s is slated to launch very early next year, so if you can hold out, maybe do so - but note that it will be more expensive. I only got this model because well my last one got stolen, and there was a 30% national Australia day sale - to get these special offers make sure you subscribe to the BlackVue mailing list.

1-CH vs 2-CH NOTES

While the Ford dealership stated that the front and back cameras are specifically linked - probably get to me to buy another pair from them. BlackVue support have confirmed that the front and back dash cameras are not specifically linked, so in my case if I had a front DR650s it should have connected fine with my existing DR650s back camera.


Great thing about the new camera is that it uses the exact same wiring and SD card, so you can pretty much pull out your old camera and place in the new one. Some things to consider is placement of the camera, previously the Ford dealership’s installers placed the camera right bang in the middle of the windscreen. This time round we placed it further up and slightly more hidden away.


The improved image sensor, 60fps, and full hd back camera is cool!

It’s cool because it looks better when making time lapses of your driving, but, you won’t get any CSI style magic zoom..zoom..enhance from it.

The night mode is also improved but again you can see for yourself that its not going to pick up vehicles much further away than before.

Also cool is the wider angle view, where you may catch more of the action.

All the nights can now be turned off (only when in parking mode), but you could also do that in the old model by using a bit of black tape.

The processor on the device is faster and uses around 12% less battery. I did notice that transferring files over wifi seemed more reliable - but transfer speeds were still very slow. You really need to get two sd cards, and cycle them for when you want to view the footage on your computer.

Cloud - I haven’t used this feature yet because there is no such thing as unlimited mobile data over here in Australia, but it does sound cool AF to be able to remotely jump into a live dashcam feed someday.


The app has improved, but it’s still pretty slow, with no support for background downloads. Get used to taking out your SD card and using the desktop app instead (which is awesome!).

The SD card is not encrypted or password protected, if a thief steals your dashcam - and they will someday. They will gain direct access to all your drives, know where you go, where you live, hear what you say.

1 minute clip length at 1080/60p is a bit of a nightmare to work with.


- Make sure you set the correct GMT.

- Change your auto restart time to something other than 3pm.

- Turn off audio recording and maybe consider turning off GPS, the SD Card is unencrypted, so if a thief steals your dashcam, they also gain access to everything you say, and everywhere you go. UNSECURE AF!!!

- Reduce the sensitivity settings otherwise pretty much everytime you get in your car you’ll hear “AN IMPACT WAS DETECTED DURING PARKING MODE”


I’m very happy with the DR750s, if I still had my DR650s I probably wouldn’t upgrade to this model and hold off to see what they do with the DR900s.

Yes, I know I went in a bit hard on the whole 1 minute clip length, slow transfer speeds and security fail. But, just look around at the competition, in the world of dash cams you’re very limited in choice, and BlackVue have made one of, if not THE best dash camera there is to date.


DR650s-2CH Hardwire Install:

High School Prom (ft 750s):

Westfield Field Test (ft 650s):


Panasonic G85:

Wide Angle Lens Adapter:

SanDisk Extreme 256GB for G85:


The Green Orbs - Splashing Around