RØDELink ROAD TEST | Filmmaker Kit Review | Best Wireless Microphone?

This wireless microphone kit states that it can go up to 100m in range.. Well, can it.. Can it really? In this review we push the RODELink Filmmaker Kit to its limits, testing to see if it can handle high speed driving both in and out the car. Running around in a busy mall, and how well it handles walls.


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How does it feel?

Can it handle driving 110km down a motorway?

Can you record the driver driving away from you?

Transmitting through the walls of a $2.2M mansion?

Find the cameraman who’s hiding 20M away

Through the glass walls of a busy Westfield cafe

300M away in a now empty Westfield Garden City mall

How it does running

How well it handles sweet piano music



The ROADLink is an impressive piece of kit that actually makes you feel cool and allows you to record up to and over 100M away depending on your surroundings.

In a car driving fast, there was no problems, however from the outside of the car audio would come in from around 30M away whilst driving.

In a big 35 square meter mansion, audio could be transmitted fine through walls from anywhere.

In a busy mall audio would cut off whilst running and have slight drops from around 30M, but it’s very circumstantial. Sometimes it’d work fine even through the glass walls of a cafe. I’d say it’s unreliable over 30M.

But when the mall was empty, the range was amazing going over the 100M range, while it did become clipping when running over the 100M range, when I stopped at 350M away and stopped running the audio quality would resume well.

The quality of the provided lavalier mic is excellent too, 10x better than the cheap lavalier mic I tested with. The RODE lavalier can pick up sound good enough from up to 1M away, so you can get some audio from surrounding people, however it’d best to always unhook the mic from yourself and use it as a hand mic instead.

Something to note! Not having a mic on the actual camera can be very disorientating, as you’re only getting audio from the person of interest and not necessarily what’s in the frame. For higher production value shoots, I’d recommend using the lavalier mic plugged into your smartphone, and a VideoMicro shooting the ambience of the scene, that way in post you can combine them together to get both excellent dialogue and excellent ambience. More of this in the comparison video review.


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