Unboxing the Apple External Graphics eGPU DevKit + Mini-Review

The Apple External Graphics Developer kit has finally arrived and we can’t wait to unbox it with you! Featuring the Sonnet Breakaway Box with the Radeon RX 580 graphics card which is 3 times faster than the GPU in the MacBook Pro 15"… We unbox it live with you and give you a preview on how fast it makes Final Cut Pro, Xcode and Windows gaming…

PURCHASE: http://apple.co/2sKNYNl

The Apple External Graphics Development kit is aimed at virtual reality developers looking to get their MacBook performance VR ready. It requires Apple macOS High Sierra and comes with the RX 580 graphics card, Sonnet breakaway box and Belkin USB hub.

The Sonnet breakaway box is the quietest enclosure on the market, however it will add an extra 20db on your normal room levels which is noisy for the traditional Apple experience, and at the moment, the connecting the cable to your Mac can be quite sparky, so be careful plugging it in.

While we got the unit successfully setup, performance on Xcode’s iOS Simulator and Final Cut Pro were very negligible at the moment (See the performance video for a full comparison). However, I imagine with a software update performance will be improved.

To get it working with Final Cut Pro, we needed to disable the iGPU, big thanks to the help from jonwatso over at egpu.io: http://bit.ly/2sL2aGc

Windows Bootcamp is unsupported, while we did get it connected and detected by Device Manager, the external monitor would not display and games would not take advantage of the eGPU.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts on the unit and if you know how to get more performance out of it. Please share your tips.