Best NBN 2017 | Comparison, Setup & Mate Communicate Review

NBN is Australia’s National Broadband Network offering speeds of up to 100Mb/s, in this video we take you through all the different deals out there. How to set it up at home yourself using your own router, and most importantly, why we went with Mate Communicate and our experience with them.

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Comparison Overview
Telstra - Capped service
MyNetFone - Brand issues
SpinTel - Capped service
dodo - Poor reviews
TPG - Poor reviews
Mate Communicate - 4.4/5 star reviews
AusBBS - Good deal, but poor website and comms
MyRepublic - Great deal but average reviews

Mate Communicate
We’ve been using Mates for over a month now. The only hidden charge so far was the $300 hit for installing NBN in a new build, I’ve heard that Telstra salespeople offer to waive the charge if you sign up for a 24 month deal with them, but with Mates, as their package is month to month, refused to compromise. Furthermore, as NBN hadn’t been used in our flat before, setup was a bit confusing as we didn’t realise that there was a router inside our apartment already, but after a bit of googling you just plugged the RJ45 cable into the NBN router and connected it to your own router. If you’re going with a BYOM solution, you’ll of course need your own RJ45 connector.

Once it was up and running we’ve been hitting a solid down and upstream, which is GREAT coming from an ADSL background.

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