Top Things to Do at Changi Airport, Singapore | Best Airport ✈️

It’s been voted the world’s best airport for seven consecutive years and there are many reasons why. Join us as we take a tour of the incredible Changi Airport in Singapore. Boasting numerous gardens, a free movie theatre, spa and swimming pool looking onto planes, shops and so much more, you’ll need a few days to explore the marvels of this airport.

We love Changi ❤️


Changi Airport is a major civilian airport that serves Singapore, and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. It is currently rated the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax for the seventh consecutive year since 2013. It is also the first Airport in the world to do so for seven consecutive years and is one of the world’s busiest airports by international passenger and cargo traffic.


Inside the Biggest Police Boat:

Inside a $5m Super Yacht:

Luxury Versace Travel Bag:

L'Aqua Day Spa, Couple’s Retreat:


Flight Socks:



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beatsbyNeVs - Hunk

#46 [무료 BGM-배경음악] (웅장-극적인) Rafael Krux - Video Game Blockbuster

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Josh Lippi & The Overtimers - Trieste

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New Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+ | Best Vacuum Cleaner of 2019?

No Filter ✅

No Bag ✅

Unlimited Power ✅


Dyson Big Ball Vacuum:

Dyson V11 Vacuum:

REVIEW - 4/5 Stars

I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised. The number of attachments and heads that come with this is just phenomenal (compared to the couple that came with the V6). Dyson have really made a vacuum that suits everyone, there’s a head for carpet (my primary usage), hard floors, animal dander/ hair, a regular long piece, a stair piece and also a few others so it feels like value for money.

Setting it up was straight forward and as a previous Dyson user I had no issues, the tube has an extension at the bottom which allows further reach of up to around 50cm - this is great as I have a bad back and I don’t like spending a lot of time bending over (vacuuming with back straight). So I got very excited to plug it in and see the difference, as presumably this would have more umph as the power is from the mains rather than battery. And it definitely lived up to this expectation. Testing out the suction in motion appeared to be stronger than my V6 and the sound was nicer - more deeper than a whining, higher pitched noise. I love the ‘ball’ feature, it actually works, my hubby tried kicking it a few times and it kept rolling back. One other thing I like about this compared to my V6 is that it doesn’t have a filter. Recently my V6 started pulsing, where it would only suction for a few seconds then stop and re-start. I had no idea what was going on, so I went on YouTube and realised that the filter needed cleaning - did this and it started working as normal. So it’s nice this doesn’t have a filter so avoiding this issue.

My two gripes with the machine however, is the weight and bulky-ness. It is fairly heavy to lug around the house over a carpet and carrying it by hand is a bit tedious. It’s also fairly bulky compared to my V6 which is just a stick and can be stored easily, this one has to have a dedicated space, so it’s not ideal if you’re tight for space.

On the whole I am pleased with this vacuum. It gives a fresh clean of the carpets and it is easy to empty and holds more dust than its predecessors. If they could make a 'light’ version of it I would be over the moon.


Miele Washing Machine:

Dyson Fan:

Smeg Kettle:

Hisense Fridge:

LG NeoChef Microwave Oven:



beatsbyNeVs - Night Shift

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Best iOS App for Vlogging | Multicam Pro for iPhone 11

Ever wanted to record the front and back cameras at the same time? Well now you can with Multicam Pro.


Allows you to record two streams at once from the ultrawide, wide, telephoto and front cameras. You can also switch cameras without stopping the recording.


Only iPhone’s with an A12 processor (released in 2018) or above support multiple streams. However, older iPhones can still take advantage of switching the cameras without stopping the recording.


Select the cameras you’d like to use by tapping on the switch icon and the 2nd camera feed. Tap the record icon to start recording. Note: You can also switch cameras during a recording.


Currently each stream is recorded individually and saved directly to the camera roll with one containing the front audio and the other containing the back. In the next version we’ll introduce picture in picture mode to save both feeds into one video as an option.




Movie World:




Kalide - Life We Live